Here I have uploaded some tips and recommendations to try to prevent deforestation. We have two different ways:



Change Buying Habits:


• Use recycled products. Buy recycled paper to prevent more of the Amazon's trees from being cut down.  Recycle everything you can just like glass and plastic.
• Choose as pets captive breed animals instead of wild animals.
• Refuse to buy products made from wildlife animal skin.

Become an Activist:


• Learn more about the Amazon Rainforest and how it impacts Earth. Care about things like the deforestation,  the pollution and other factors that are destroying the Rainforest.
• Support the Indigenous people along with programs that teach them how to live off the land without causing damage.
• Get involved in campaigns and in NGO’s projects(ONG)
• Join in a NGO such as Greenpeace and donate money to organizations to protect the Amazon zone.
• Share your opinions and your knowledge about the topic with the children and the adults to  try to concern them about the situation there.
Anton Rosa

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