A cross cultures and over the ages since the beginning of history, dreams and the interpretation has both intrigued and confused people.From the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians and the people before them to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung from this world and beyond.

That mysterious world we drift in too and trough when we sleep is bounded by neither time nor space.It is the land where the impossible becomes possible and the not sensible appears completely plausible and practical.It is the land of dreams that has neither bound nor limitations.A land where you can achieve whatever you want.

During waking hours our conscious minds are very much in control but when we sleep the unconscious mind takes over and we enter the world of dreams with all it’s visual images, symbols and use of metaphors.

To truly understand our dreams we need to remember and listen with attention to them. Developing our intuition and become an open-minded person to be able to understand their meanings.

What’s the meaning of our dreams?
In the last century Sigmund Freud mentioned that the dreams can be interpreted as the realization of desires.
Carl Jung said that the function of dreams is to set our psychological balance.
According to him the dreams compensate deficiencies of our personality and they also warn us from dangers in present life.
But dreams also express our tensions and conflicts, our fears and aspects of our personality that we don’t even know.
A dream is a representation.
It’s a play in which we are either the audience or an actor.
Consists of:
1) An Introduction
2) Approach of a conflict
3) The Crisis
4) And the out coming or ending
To develop the meaning of our dreams we need ask us these aspects:
Where are we?
How is the environment?
Is it joyful/ happy?
Is it terrifying/ painful?
About frustrations or confusions?
Which are the characters?
Are they known or unknown?
Are there animals or objects involved? Which ones?
Obtaining all this information we can try to recreate the scenes, know the conflict and if there was emotional content and how it was solved.
It’s important to keep them in mind to integrate them in our conscious life.

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